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Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-6

Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-6 - Problem...

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Problem 1-19A ( direct labor, Beg. Work in progress, Ending Finished goods were not given. I am not sure if I am supposed to calculate this or it is supposed to be assumed as zero. I tried using the numbers given for total manufacturing costs for the year, goods available for sale, and cost of goods sold, but my answer didn't seem write. Can you please suggest what I am supposed to do with the question mark!) Part A Direct Materials Beg raw materials inventory 3000 Add: purchases of raw materials 76000 raq materials available for use 79000 deduct: ending raw materials inventory 9000 raw materials used in production 70000 direct labor 85000 manufacturing overhead indirect labor 3000 maintanance factory 15000 utilities, factory 10000 Cleaning supplies, factory 4000 Insurance, Factory 6000 rent factory building 49000 Total manufacturing overhead cost 87000 total manufacturing cost 242000 add: beg work in process inventory 15000 deduct: ending work in process inventory 13000 cost of goods manufactured 244,000 Cost of Goods Sold: Finished Goods inventory, Beginning 25000
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