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Assign 7-2 Sample Methods Worksheet 1. A marketing research firm is trying to determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They have sponsored a series of television ads for a new cleaning product which have run in a major city. They plan a survey by dividing the city according to the squares on a transportation road map. They take a simple random sample of the squares on the map. For each square chosen they send an employee out to go to each house in the square with their questionnaire. They are able to complete a total of 345 questionnaires. One of the questions asked, "Have you heard of Wonder detergent?" and another asked "How many times during the week do you visit the grocery store?" Stratified sample 2. Zooms produces computer games. The quality control department of Zooms has a procedure to inspect its games. During the first hour of production the manager picks a random value between 1 and 60. If the number is 35 then at exactly thirty five minutes past the hour, for that hour and for every other hour after that during that day,
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