STAFF AND ADMIN - Hospital administrators and clinical...

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Hospital administrators and clinical staff have varying roles and responsibilities. Both have responsibilities that are necessary for the proper and successful function of the hospital or facility. The hospital administrator is primarily in charge of all of the daily operations of the hospital. Two roles of the hospital administrator that I believe are most important are maintaining strong, supportive relationships with the physicians and being a strong leader. The relationship between administrator and physician is paramount because it is the physician who has the power to admit patients. Patients are the foundation for income in a hospital setting. Since so many physicians are affiliated with multiple hospitals, it is important that the administrator pleases the doctors in order to influence the hospital choice. Also, the administrator must appease doctors of all sorts of specialties to ensure a strong patient flow into the hospital. Leadership is the second most important role played by the hospital administrator. I chose leadership because of the multiple relationships the administrator must maintain. Since the daily operations are all handled by the administrator, effective communication is required. The administrator must oversee everything including the finance department, human resources, medical staff, and clinical managers. Having insufficient leadership qualities would make it impossible to organize,
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STAFF AND ADMIN - Hospital administrators and clinical...

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