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CheckPoint My View on Health Care

CheckPoint My View on Health Care - which would result in...

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The purpose of health insurance is to be able to take on the risk of the patient’s health condition to the insurance company. So that patient can still get the care they need. There are limits to every insurance company in the amount that the care can provide. The past insurance has changed since it began to provide the people with medical to help with financial hardship. Now it is more out there to gain profit off of the people no matter if they are having trouble paying. There should be limits to everything especially healthcare to be able to reform. When the limits are set they need to stay that way and not beat around the bush. I think that the limits of the premiums we all have to pay need to be raised. I also feel that to have a plan when it comes to the patient and the provider when the doctor might run unnecessary tests
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Unformatted text preview: which would result in more spending then it needed to be. I would rather see limits to healthcare coverage for long term healthcare for the elderly and some of the high priced procedures which need to be under review anyways, and being able to focus of the risk benefit analysis. I do not understand why people need to put their pre-existing conditions on their insurance just for the insurance company to turn them down, or not pay for the treatments. Everyone deserves insurance no matter what their financials look like. They should not be able to choose which person they are going to cover. I also do not believe that when children go for a well check up they should have a limit to how many they can have per year, but have unlimited sick....
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