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How did you interpret the problem? This one was really hard I could not get it through my head how to get this to work. I knew that the cat and mouse could not be alone and the dog and cat. So I took the cat over first well that worked. Well as I looked over I did not know what to do because either way something was going to end in a fight. I should have broken down the problem to really understand what I needed to do. I could not get my mind outside of the problem to where all the animals where on the other side of the river. I tried my best at everything so I looked at it a different way. The strategy was I took the cat first then I took the mouse put it on the bank, but took the cat on the boat again. Then I put the cat on the bank and put the dog on the boat and brought him over there with the mouse. Then the only animal left was the cat
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Unformatted text preview: on the other side so I brought the cat over with the rest. Which now the problem was complete. I encountered obstacles in this problem because I could not understand how I was supposed to get this to work without an animal getting into a fight. I had to walk away from the computer and think about it for awhile before coming back to it and trying again. I had on a piece of paper how it was going to work. I tried a bunch of different things and of course it did not work until I came to what I was explaining earlier on in the paper. I am glad I finally got it right and was able to get all the animals on the other side of the river without any problem. Even thought it took me half the day to get it, but I did not ask for any help on it what so ever....
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