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Motivating Employees - Most employees can be motivated when...

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Most employees can be motivated when their boss wants to spend the time to fix the problems that the employees have that are making them angry, or having a problem with the work area that could be fixed that would motivate the employees. When an employee cares about their work they thrive for success in their job, unlike someone that is there to get through the day without caring. When investing the time to motivate the employees it will pay off in the end meaning longer employment and the job getting done faster than it was before. Which it would work out better for the employer, because now they have employees, which are experienced that love their job with more success. Not everyone can be motivated the same way so being able to figure out how you can make everyone happy is going to be a tough one, but recognizing what they have done might be the first thing the employer should try. Some employees would not care about a verbal praise than actually receiving something they can show off for being a great employee.
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