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What is Operant conditioning? It is a behavior that is learned to operate on the environment to gain a reward or not to be punished. It is automatic reflexes that are caused by biologically important stimuli. This is called operant or instrumental conditioning. The first essential occurs when the response operates on the environment to produce the consequences. The second essential in the operant condition is the consequence for the behavior. What is Punishment? Behavior can be controlled by punishment. Getting pulled over by a police officer for speeding will help us not to do it again. Punishment adds something unpleasant to the environment, and as result it weakens the behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: What is Reinforcement? There are two types of reinforcements which are positive and negative. Positive give something rewarding in the situation. When it comes to negative reinforcement by removing something the person might want or love the most. Having both of these reinforcements it brings out new behaviors or the strengthening of existing behaviors. What is Superstitious behavior? When something that we do is followed by reinforcement, we often repeat the behavior even when it was not actually responsible for producing the reinforcement. Both humans and nonhumans have superstitious behavior...
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