CheckPoint Personality Assessment and Theories

CheckPoint Personality Assessment and Theories - Based on...

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Based on the human behavior and the relationships we have are shaped by conscious and unconscious influences that are based on the psychodynamic theory. When it comes to this theory there are five reasons. People might have to behave in ways they might not do in a normal day which they probably don’t understand why. The process of mental emotions, thoughts, and motivations might function in parallel that might lead to their feelings being in conflict. As a child the stable personality begins to form and being affected strongly by personality development. When representing ourselves to others and to our relationships we tend to go to our interactions with those other people. People develop their own personalities which people have to learn how to control sexual and aggressive feelings. Becoming socially interdependent instead of being dependent humanistic theory thinks we are motivated to progress forward to higher levels of functioning. Mr. Carl Rogers thought that men and women increase their
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