week3 - Neurons are just like a system of electrical...

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Neurons are just like a system of electrical wirings installed in the body systems. Just like electrical wires, neurons are responsible for the conduction or broadcast with all of the information which is created among the neurons and cells contact. Neurons are very impulsive parts that are part of the nervous system that has important functions. The brain is the central part that controls the communication of the unlike body systems with the neurons ‘bridging’ the distribution of signals that pass through special receptors, connections and terminals in specific regions of the central nervous system selected to have particular function in the messaging processes. Neurons and cells cannot achieve information broadcast job by themselves. To have the signals between the neurons and the cells to be relayed, enlarged, and synchronized, another important part of the central nervous system known as neurotransmitters are essential. These neurotransmitters are comprised by unlike chemicals unrestricted at the presynaptic nerve terminal of the neurons where the synapse, which is to the progress that occurs across a small gap between neurons and other cells, provide as facilitators to achieve useful transitory of information among the neurons and other cells mixed up in the process. As facilitators of communication among the neurons and the cells, neurotransmitters assumes a lot of important roles in the bodies system and have participation in the different processes of guideline, motivation, inspiration, transmissions and inhibitions in the body. Among the regulatory functions of neurotransmitters is the guideline of moods, emotion, affect, sensory functions, and perception which is the cause why neurotransmitters have important impacts on the behaviour particularly the dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The dopamine produces inspiring things but most significantly, it assumes many very important and cognitive and behavioural functions, in motivation and pleasure, sexual arousal, sleep regulation, motor activities, and learning functions. This chemical is released in different parts of the brain which is usually as the effects of naturally
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week3 - Neurons are just like a system of electrical...

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