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Applications+1+-+RES342 - graded

Applications+1+-+RES342 - graded - RES/342 Applications#1(5...

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RES/342 Applications #1 (5 points) 3.7/5 Name : David Trejo Please read carefully : You must use this form to complete the assignment. Do not put this form into a pdf. Type in your name on the line above and complete the following four applications by answering them directly. A title page is not needed. Send as an attachment to your Individual forum no later than Day 7, Monday this online week. Show formulas and all calculations for credit . You may type the formula or identify it by its number (in the e-book). In each of the following, provide responses to the five step hypothesis step process. Be sure to identify each step accordingly to receive credit. Place answers in the box in each of steps 2, 3 and 4. This Application is on one and two samples z and t tests. You may manually calculate or use Excel or Megastat. If you use Excel or Megastat you must copy and paste the results in this paper. Do not send a separate Excel or Megastat worksheet….it will not be accepted. Complete the following four parts. Each application is valued at 1.25 points. Place your responses under each step.
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Part 1 0.9 The manufacturer of the X-15 steel-belted radial truck tire claims that the mean mileage the tire can be driven before the tread wears out is 60,000 miles. The
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Applications+1+-+RES342 - graded - RES/342 Applications#1(5...

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