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W2 Some Hints for Applications 1

W2 Some Hints for Applications 1 - Some Hints for...

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Some Hints for Applications 1 You have read a lot of material on hypothesis testing these past 8 days, and from the postings I know that there is still an uncomfortable level for you in some of the hypothesis test process. Let’s review and summarize what to do in the 5-step process. Understanding What is Given, What is Being Asked to Test You must read the “situation” carefully. Know that (at this point) ALL of the numbers (values) are given in this description: the sample we are testing X (X bar), the population mean ( μ ), the standard deviation, and the number of samples (n). All we need to do is plug them into the appropriate formula. Also, we need to determine which of the three possible hypothesis set ups the situation is asking. There are described as “no direction” (other words may be used, such as no change, etc), or greater than (also referred to more than), or less than (etc.). The importance of knowing the direction as given in the situation description is that it establishes the set up of the hypotheses. So, after carefully reading the situation, let’s conduct the five step process.
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