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W2 The z Critical Values

W2 The z Critical Values - The z Critical Values Class...

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Unformatted text preview: The z Critical Values Class, though I provide you with a list of the most common z critical values for this course (please see the posting “One and Two Tailed Tests at Levels of Significance), here is how we derive the “z scores” which you learned in RES341. Notice we use z as lower case, not upper case. Half of the area under the bell curve is based on .5000. For a one-tailed test we subtract the level of significance (LOS) from .5000 and then look up the resulting value in the z-table (Standard Normal Areas, Appendix C-1). . For example, if the level of significance is .05 then .5000 - .05 = .4500. If you closely look at Appendix C-1, you'll notice the decimal changes within the chart are in a systematic manner, going from left to right, starting with .00, .01, .02, .03...etc. So, we go to the z-table and find the closest match to .4500, which is .4505 and follow the horizontal row over to the first left column and look up what number it intersects with, in this case it is 1.6. Then we follow the row .4505 is and look up what number it intersects with, in this case it is 1....
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