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w3 - Levels of Measurement

w3 - Levels of Measurement - Levels of Measurement...

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Levels of Measurement Summarized Although this material is to reacquaint you with the levels of measurement (studied in RES341) in support of the Parametric and Nonparametric assignment this week. The characteristics of each of the four levels are precisely defined in terms of four characteristics, plus their state of being mutually exclusive and exhaustive. Classification – Numbers are used to group or sort responses Order Numbers are ordered. One number is greater than, less than or equal to another number Distance – Differences between the numbers are ordered. The difference between any pair of numbers is greater than, less than or equal to the differences between any other pair of numbers. Unique origin – the number series has a unique origin indicated by the number zero. Mutually exclusive – is an individual, object, or measurement included in only one category. Exhaustive - is that each individual, object, or measurement must appear in a category. In the example above, if the call did not originate in either ATT&T, MCI, or Sprint, it is classified as Other. Nominal Level Data (Nominal) At this level, the observations can only be classified or counted. There is no particular order. For example, if we are looking at new cars and see that there are five different colors of a Toyota Camry, we know there is no natural order to that data. Similarly, gender is another example of nominal data. If we were to count the number of males and females at a baseball game there is no order in the count . We can report that there were x number of men and y number of women, but it is not important which totals we report first, then second. Thus, for the nominal level of
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