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Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Simulation Table (5 points) Name: As you progress through the simulation you will be asked to make decisions. Choose the optimal decisions and type them into the related Response box. The questions and responses are in sequence in the simulation. Month 1 Responses What are the three levels of competencies in the data analysis? Which competency has the highest variance? Which of the two tests is the optimum? Is the optimum decision to Accept or Reject the null hypothesis? Month 2 Which of the two factors affecting productivity has the strongest positive correlation with the productivity of software engineers? Which of the following two suggestions on process improvements is
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Unformatted text preview: the optimum choice? Respond with only a or b a) Set competency levels for a project depending on the skill requirements, b) Review project plan and account for scope changes at the planning stage Month 3 Which of the following “suggestions” (identify all that apply) are optimal (answer with only the alphabetical letters, such as a, b, etc.) a) Review project plans and effort estimation b) Implement a defect tracking system c) Review testing procedures d) Include a vigorous review of the system design before implementation e) Increase channels for effective communication Which is better: conduct a two-way ANOVA on a problem or conduct two separate one-way ANOVAs?...
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