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W4 Hints for Applications 3

W4 Hints for Applications 3 - Stating the Correct Decision...

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Hints for Applications 3 Class, I want to be sure we do not over-read either of the three parts to this applications. Part A is asking for a response to only parts of the hypothesis testing, not the full five steps. For a) you only need to determine the degrees of freedom (df) for the numerator, which is k , and k = n – 1, where n is the number of treatments. For b) you need to determine the df for the denominator, and this is determined by: n – k, where n is the number of samples in the table minus k. For c) , you must give the decision rule. Remember, in every decision rule we always start with three words (be sure you have them….for a refresher, look at an earlier posting in Course Materials,
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Unformatted text preview: Stating the Correct Decision Rule. The decision rule is where we begin to reject Ho. Part B is using all five steps of the test process, though the level of significance is given. “Your mission, should you decide to accept it…is to answer all steps and include a copy/past of either an Excel or Megastat calculation. As always, the instructor will be delighted on your perfection. This mission will not destruct”. See the W4 Sample Exercise on ANOVA. Part C is the same mission as Part B. Go for it (with care of course). Hope these help. If you have any questions on Applications 3, you may click on the post “Any Questions in Week Four”? and ask....
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