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Applications 4 Hints Class, as you know, Applications 4 is a high value activity. I want each of you to score at least 22 of the 25 points. You can do this by reviewing previous applications and making adjustments as needed…. .and ask questions. The Applications 4 is about test statistics we already have seen in earlier Applications plus this week’s material. Review your prior Applications and note my comments, if there are any. In week five, however, we do learn our last test statistic (regression). Here are the five parts of Applications 4 with a couple of hints that should get you to the correct test statistic and formula.
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Unformatted text preview: #1. The key here is the number of samples being tested. Remember, we use z when there are more than 30 samples, a t when there is less than 30 samples. Also, note we are looking at a one sample test. #2. Note in this exercise we are testing two populations, and we are doing a two sample test with sample sizes of 40 and 45. #3. This exercise is given a set of values that are observed. Now all we need to do is see if the expected is consistent with the observed. #4. The hints are already in the exercise…. . #5. Here’s an exercise that is explained in the Week Five Lecture, Part 1. Go for it!!!!!...
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