W5 Trying to Determine Which Statistic to Use

W5 Trying to Determine Which Statistic to Use - number in...

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Trying to Determine Which Statistic to Use Let’s try to narrow down and simplify which test statistic to use when we are given a situation description….the exercise description will tell us what is being asked for. Look for these clues: Does the description have "one population of samples" or "two populations of samples". ..and that would lead us to a z or t in both cases. If the description is providing a table or list of categories and each have a
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Unformatted text preview: number in that category, we are in chi-square, and those given numbers are "observed frequencies", and we are going to test them with equal expected frequencies. • ANOVA is providing us to test three categories, but they are called "treatments", and we are testing the mean scores of those treatments. • Finally, regression (this week) is asking for the coefficient of correlation....
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