W5 Week Five Agenda-Read Carefully

W5 Week Five Agenda-Read Carefully - Week Five Agenda-Read...

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Week Five Agenda-Read Carefully Class – here are some key information items for Week Five: Discussion Questions/Participation As you know, there are no Discussion Questions/participation requirements Week Five. I have the option to include them as part of Week Five activity, but I chose to let you have this extra time to complete your final individual assignments (Applications 4/Final Examination, the Learning Team paper on Regression, the Simulation paper, and Online Practice). Attendance Requirement You will need to log into Main at least once on any two days of the online week to maintain attendance for the week. This is as we know a University of Phoenix policy. I suggest you go the posting “Any Questions Week Five?” and just check in with a hello….that is all you need to say to get credit for attendance this week…. and you only need to do it once on any two days….no need to post anymore. Informational Postings
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