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RES/342 Applications 4 – Final Examination (25 points) 21.5/25 Name: David Trejo Read this carefully : Type your name on the line above. This is an individual examination. You must answer the applications on this form. Non-use of the form will result in a deduction of ½ of the points for each exercise, not including any deductions that may be made based on your results. You must show all formulas (by number or the exact formula) and manual calculations, or show Excel or Megastat. If you use Excel or any other software such as Megastat to calculate the test statistic, you must embed the spreadsheet/worksheet into the applications and not as an attachment. Attachments will not be reviewed. Note there is a box in each test statistic part of the application. After you show your calculations, type the test statistics value in the box provided . Complete the following applications: Part 1: 5 points Part 2: 5 points Part 3: 5 points Part 4: 5 points Part 5: 5 points
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1 . Hugger Polls contends that an agent conducts a mean of 53 in-depth home surveys every week. A streamlined survey form has been introduced, and Hugger wants to evaluate its effectiveness. The number of in-depth surveys conducted during a week by a random sample of agents are: 3 53 57 50 55 58 54 60 52 59 62 60 60 51 59 56 At the .05 level of significance, can we conclude that the mean number of interviews conducted by the agents is more than 53 per week? Use a standard deviation of 3.7378. If you use Excel or Megastat, embed the spreadsheet/worksheet into this exercise. a.
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W5+Applications+4+-+David+Trejo - RES/342 Applications 4...

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