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ECE1882 Prelab 2 due Tue Oct 5, 2010 Name: You may use your notes and a calculator for this prelab. All work must be your own. In the next lab, you are going to explore several ways to use a light sensor to direct your tribot to follow a 2-inch-wide colored line. Your tribot starts with the light sensor on the line, facing in the general direction of the line (i.e. assume the line runs approximately between the wheels and over
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Unformatted text preview: the light sensor facing down onto the line). Below, draw a flowchart that describes a simple algorithm for following the line. Assume that the sensor can only output two values: BLACK and WHITE, indicating the color that it sees. Your flow chart should consider what the robot should do when it sees black and white and how it should command the tribot to move. (Hint: It may help to take a look at Lab 2 first.)...
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