2 - COMM 2064 Quiz _2 Review Sheet-1

2 - COMM 2064 Quiz _2 Review Sheet-1 - COMM 2064: The...

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COMM 2064: The Rhetorical Tradition Fall 2010 Quiz #2 Review Sheet Terms : enthymeme and example; inductive and deductive reasoning; the “New Man;” consul; republicanism; citizen-orator; invention , disposition , elocution , memoria , pronuntiatio ; benevolus , attentus , and docilis ; bene dicendi scientia and vir bonus dicendi peritus ; perfectus orator ; hypsos (sublime); artes liberals ; the “Trivium;” ars dictaminis , dictamen , dictare , dictatores ; Five Parts of a Letter: salutatio , captatio , benevoluntatiae , narratio , petitio , and conclusio ; ars praedicandi , modus inveniendi and modus proferendi ; and ars poetriae; disputationes Dates : the significant dates of the Roman Republic’s decline, Julius Caesar’s dictatorship and his assassination, Cicero’s life and assassination, the beginning of the Augustan Age ( Pax Romana ), approximate dates for the life of Jesus, Quintilian’s life, and the date of the collapse of the Roman Empire People : Marcus Tullius Cicero; Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (a.k.a., Quintilian); Longinus; Jesus; Paul, the Apostle, Augustine; Martianus Capella; Robert of Basevorn; Alberic Quotations : Be able to identify quotations from: Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria ; Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana Significant Historical Events, Political and Rhetorical Concepts, and Famous Works : Aristotle : the similarities and differences of the syllogism and the enthymeme; the parts of the enthymeme (Major Premise: general principle; Minor Premise: Specific case to which the general principle is being applied; Conclusion); difference between enthymematic reasoning and reasoning from example (deductive and inductive
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2010 for the course COM 2064 taught by Professor Cabailey during the Fall '09 term at Virginia Tech.

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2 - COMM 2064 Quiz _2 Review Sheet-1 - COMM 2064: The...

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