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SYLLABUS Fall 2009 Introductory Sociology (Soc 1004; CRN 95167) Instructor: Theodore Fuller, 656 McBryde, 231-8969, Ted.Fuller@vt.edu Class Time and Place: TuTh 9:30-10:45, Seitz 313 Class website: Available through Blackboard Office Hours: TuTh 11:15-12:00 or by appointment. Feel free to drop by my office, or telephone, email me, or see me after class. Text: Michael Hughes and Carolyn Kroehler, Sociology: The Core, 9th edition, 2009. Supplemental readings: From time to time I may post required readings on the course webpage or email required readings to you. I expect that these additional readings will total less than 100 pages. Objectives: The goal of Introductory Sociology is to help you become familiar with the issues, approaches, concepts, and methods of sociology. It is anticipated that an understanding of sociological concepts and orientations will enable you to gain a more complete understanding of the social world in which we live. The course will also provide an appropriate foundation for additional course work in sociology. Evaluation: Three tests and a final examination will be given. The dates for the exams are given in the "Tentative Schedule" below. Each exam will have a multiple choice format, and perhaps some true/false questions. The first three tests will each count 18% in determining the course grade. The final exam, which will be cumulative, will count 26% in determining the course grade. There will be several in-class and out-of-class writing assignments that will make up the other 20% of the course grade. Policy on in-class writing: (a) You must be in class to do the in-class assignments. (b) If you miss an in-class assignment, you get 0% on that assignment. (c) I understand that other commitments come up from time to time. Therefore, I will “forgive” up one in- class assignments for each five (or part of five) in-class assignments that we have. (IE, if we have 1 to 5, I will forgive 1; if we have 6 to 10, I will forgive 2; if we have 11 to 15, I will forgive 3; and so forth.) Policy on out-of-class assignments: Out-of-class assignments must be turned in on time. (They may be turned in early.) Since you will know about out-of-class assignments ahead of time, there is no “forgiveness” policy for out-of-class assignments. Make-up-Exams:
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1004.fall09 - SYLLABUS Fall 2009 Introductory Sociology...

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