The Nacirema Rituals

The Nacirema Rituals - are changing and how the world is...

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Andrea Long 07:07:34 The Nacirema Rituals The rituals of the Nacirem are truly unique. Some of the rituals they perform seem almost inhumane, sadistic, and harmful to some. However, they do not question or resist even the most painful customs, instead, they endure all the hardship and choose to believe that the ceremonies are actually doing them good. One of the most interesting things about this tribe is that they are surrounded by civilization yet choose to believe that their way of doing things is the right way. Another interesting observation is that even though the rituals may not always be successful, they continue to perform them. The Nacireman People live in a high-tech world that provides new, effective medicines but they choose to do things their own way. This may baffle some, but it may simply be all they have ever known and are not interested in changing their ways or learning about new techniques. They could look at the world and the customs around them and see how things
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Unformatted text preview: are changing and how the world is very different. Noticing all of this may cause them to reevaluate and maybe even make them contemplate changing their views on how to do things, but they choose not conform to the world and to continue their customs. Though our beliefs, behaviors and thoughts are different from theirs, we must admire their dedication. They obviously have much faith in their rituals and customs, especially since they believe that they are effective when they are not even successful all of the time. It is also interesting that they believe that what Andrea Long 07:07:34 they are doing is right, even though it is very different and almost unethical in our eyes. While all this is true, it is still important that we respect their customs and their way of living, even if we are unaccustomed to it. We must accept the fact that some people do things differently than we do. Many may persecute the Nacireman rituals but they also deserved to be respected....
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The Nacirema Rituals - are changing and how the world is...

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