The Sociological Imagination

The Sociological Imagination - members who have to deal...

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The Sociological Imagination 9/25/09 Detailed o What’s the object under consideration? Big Mac o How would you describe it in detail? Mc Donald’s trademark burger o What do you call it? Big Mac o How is it referred to? Big Mac Local Analysis o How does it relate to other aspects of social life? Health reasons, less family time together, no time to fix dinner for the family since both parents are working o How is it used, bought, sold? o In what context does it exist? Americans are always busy and in a hurry o Who benefits from the Big Mac? People who are in a hurry, McDonald’s and stockholders, people who need jobs o Who suffers from it? People who are overweight, customers (health) and family
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Unformatted text preview: members who have to deal with it, local restaurants and it’s employees Global Analysis o Does this object exist in other countries? In different forms, don’t have beef patties o How is this use different than its use in the US Not very much o Is it altered in any way when used elsewhere? Yes, beef is frowned upon in other countries o Does it affect life on the planet in any significant way? New places are getting Big Macs which causes the stress on the bodies of others who are not used to the unhealthiness of the food, a lot of trash and contributes to pollution, raising cattle is expensive and harmful to the environment...
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The Sociological Imagination - members who have to deal...

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