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soc test 3 answers - Introductory Sociology Third Exam Fall...

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Introductory Sociology -- Third Exam -- Fall 2009 -- Form A Student: _______________________________________________________________________ ____ Directions: Select the best answer to each question. If you are not sure of the answer to a question, it is to your advantage to guess. 1. Many conflict theorists, such as C. Wright Mills, argue that B. the United States is governed by a "power elite." 2. In the United States, __________ percent of married women 16 and older are now in the paid labor force. D. 66 3. In the U.S., our voter-turnout rate for presidential elections tends to be A. much lower than in other nations. 4. The concept of "comparable worth" requires that: C. men and women who work for the same firm and whose jobs require the same level of skill, effort, and responsibility should have the same wage rate. 5. True or false: Based on analysis of income growth for the four income quartiles, each income quartile tends to experience about the same income growth with a Democratic president, but with a Republican President higher income quartiles experience more rapid income growth than lower income quartiles. A. True 6. Ethnocentrism enhances the potential for C. prejudicial attitudes and stereotypes. 7 . Under current federal law, if a woman can prove that she is being paid less than men doing the same job, can she successfully sue her employer? D. Yes, if she sues within six months of receiving the last unequal paycheck. 8. Conflict theory suggests that gender inequality exists because B. it benefits men. 9. At the institutional level, sexism B. involves policies, procedures, and practices that produce unequal outcomes for men and women. 10. According to sociologists, which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a minority group? B. A minority group has no sense of self-consciousness. 11. True or false: The Gross National Product tends to grow faster with a Democratic President than with a Republican President.
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A. True 12. In 2003, a prescription drug program was added to the Medicare program. Which of the following is true
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soc test 3 answers - Introductory Sociology Third Exam Fall...

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