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Chapter 1 quiz Submitted by cmd5150 on 1/22/2010 9:28:42 PM Points Awarded 17 Points Missed 5 Percentage 77% 1. The actual contract between the buyer and the seller is known as what? A. Request for quote B. Purchase requisition C. Invoice D. Sales order E. None of the Above Time: 1:34 within the Buyer/Seller Interaction video. Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: E Your Response: E 2. Purchasing has recently completed a purchase order for 100 ball bearings. Once the purchase order is approved, it will be sent to the vendor? Which two business functions will be accessing the PO (electronic or physical paper) and their actions will drive the "three-way-match" business process. A. Vendor B. Marketing C. Receiving D. Accounting E. Production Refer to the middle of the Buyer/Seller Interaction Video for explanation. Points Earned: 1/2 Correct Answer: C, D Your Response: A, D 3. If you are a bicycle manufacturer, which of the following is direct material (as opposed to indirect material)? A. Supplies (paper, pens, etc.) B. Office computer C. Safety glasses Quiz: Chapter 1 quiz https://cms.psu.edu/section/content/default.asp?WCI=pgDisplay%5FQu... 1 of 5 2/24/2010 2:22 PM
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