Quiz_ Chapter 10 quiz

Quiz_ Chapter 10 quiz - Quiz: Chapter 10 quiz

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Chapter 10 quiz Submitted by cmd5150 on 4/2/2010 2:56:39 PM Points Awarded 14 Points Missed 0 Percentage 100% 1. Large suppliers: A. are most suited for small dollar value “C” requirements. B. usually represent very high risk to the purchaser. C. tend to have a strong financial base. D. should not be considered for longer term contracts. E. usually provide the greatest responsiveness and flexibility. Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: C Your Response: C 2. Many purchasing organizations do not have enough qualified resources (peopl) to perform all of the supplier evaluations that need to be completed. When using the portfolio matrix, which TWO quadrants are more important than others to do a very in-depth supplier evaluation? A. bottleneck B. non-critical C. strategic D. leverage The low risk quadrants (non-critical and leverage) are commodity type items where there are substitute vendors and products readily available. So if you made a bad decision on selecting a vendor, you can easily find another. Also, by definition, these products have little differentiation. Points Earned: 2/2 Correct Answer: A, C Your Response: A, C 3. The extent and depth of the analysis of potential suppliers is dependent on: A. the number of available suppliers. B. the expertise of the purchaser. C. the cost and importance of the item. D. the lead time available. E.
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Quiz_ Chapter 10 quiz - Quiz: Chapter 10 quiz

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