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SAP 5 quiz Submitted by cmd5150 on 3/26/2010 7:50:34 PM Points Awarded 9 Points Missed 1 Percentage 90% 1. Short essay question: State your new PO delivery date and PO due date (when material will be available in stock), and explain how each of the two dates were determined by SAP when you processed the ASN? Be very specific in this answer! Need to explain why you selected the date of 4/2/10 for your delivery date. Remember that, when using an ASN, the vendor informs us of when the shipment will be delivered. In this assignment, the delivery date happened to be one week. This is why your new delivery date is 4/2, one week from processing the ASN. Also, be careful that you understand that the GR processing time is set to 1. The three day lag is b/c of the GR processing time, but it also takes into consideration the weekend, which SAP does not use for scheduling. Points Earned: 2/3 Correct Answer: Your new delivery date was the date the vendor told you they would deliver the material. For this
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