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Bi Sci 003 Study Guide Chapter 1: True/False 1. True or false? Science is a collection of belief systems explaining the modern world. Answer: 2. True or false? Inductive reasoning uses specific facts and observations to arrive at general rules. Answer: 3. True or false? The control group is the group not exposed to the independent variable. Answer: 4. True or false? Epidemiology is the study of epidemics. Answer: 5. True or false? Deductive reasoning provides specific conclusions from general principles. Answer: 6. True or false? A paradigm is a basic model of reality in science. Answer: 7. True or false? Theories are scientifically acceptable principles and broad generalizations that account for many facts, observations, and hypotheses. Answer: 8. True or false? Critical thinking is the capacity to distinguish between beliefs and knowledge.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: 9. True or false? Good critical thinkers examine the big picture as a part of the critical thinking process. Answer: 10. True or false? A correlation is an apparent connection between two variables. Answer: True 11. True or false? Uncertainty is something that must be tolerated in the application of the scientific method. Answer: 12. True or false? Technology can solve all human problems. Answer: 13. True or false? All growth is unqualifiedly good for humans and the environment. Answer: 14. True or false? Environmental protection is bad for the economy. Answer: 15. True or false? The key to success is through the control of nature and natural processes. Answer: 16. True or false? Critical thinking involves subjecting facts and conclusions to careful analysis before conclusions are made. Answer:...
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1.Bi_Sci_003_Study_Guide_Chapter_1 - Answer: 9. True or...

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