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2.Bi_Sci_003_Study_guide_Chapter_02 - Bi Sci 003 Study...

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Bi Sci 003 Study guide Chapter 02 True/False 1. True or false? The first major societal change in human populations was the Industrial Revolution. Answer: 2. True or false? The industrial revolution was driven by the use of fossil fuels like coal. Answer: 3. True or false? Human systems are supported by the infra-infrastructure of society, the biological system. Answer: 4. True or false? Global warming is due to the accumulation of gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Answer: 5. True or false? Human systems are unsustainable because they produce pollution in excess of the planet's ability to absorb and detoxify waste. Answer: 6. True or false? Humans do not need to stabilize their population growth to act in a sustainable fashion. Answer: 7. True or false? Human energy systems should be restructured to use solar and wind energy and abandon fossil fuels to become sustainable. Answer: 8. True or false? Sustainable housing can be built largely from recycled materials like tires and insulation.
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