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Bi Sci 003 Chapter 3 Study Guide True/False 1. True or false? The current environmental crisis is a crisis of unsustainability. Answer: 2. True or false? The tragedy of the commons occurs when community resources are abused by individuals interested in short-term profits. Answer: 3. True or false? The shift from manual labor to the use of machines is called the industrial revolution. Answer: 4. True or false? Frontierism assumes that there is an inexhaustible reservoir of nature resources to be exploited. Answer: 5. True or false? The innate ability of living populations to expand to fill their environments is called biological imperialism. Answer: 6. True or false? Human technology has allowed our species to expand almost uncontrollably. Answer: 7. True or false? Humans are very poor colonizers of most environments on earth. Answer: 8. True or false? Denial is a psychological factor that contributes to our inability to respond to the environmental crisis.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: 9. True or false? The “frontier ethic” suggests that the earth is an unlimited supply of resources for exclusive human use. Answer: 10. True or false? Sustainable ethics suggests that we must fight nature and natural systems to survive. Answer: 11. True or false? An ecosystem consists of a community of organisms and all of the interactions between them and their environment. Answer: 12. True or false? Ecological backlashes occur when we use the principles of sustainability in dealing with natural systems. Answer: 13. True or false? The first tenet of sustainable ethics is that the earth is an unlimited source of resources for human use. Answer: 14. True or false? Human technologies and human systems are fundamentally unsustainable. Answer: 15. True or false? Ethics refers to the system of values that determine personal action and behavior. Answer: 16. True or false? Humans are a part of nature and subject to its laws. Answer:...
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3.Bi_Sci_003_Chapter__3_Study_Guide - Answer: 9. True or...

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