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Purpose Audience Tone Content Instructor Message To ask for clarification on the assignment details. Written respectfully: I don't understand the directions, it's not the professor's writing that's complicated. Apologetic. Humble. Respectful and great full. Dear Dr. Whomever, I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time following what's being asked of us in this assignment. If you have a few free minutes can you please send an email, or perhaps have a phone chat to help me understand?
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Unformatted text preview: Thank you so much for your time! Classmate Message To ask if anyone else is as lost as I am, and can anyone help point me in the right direction. More of a peer style email. Casual, worded friendlier, less formal. Maybe smiley faces and short hand text too. More humor, silly, adding more of a chatty tone, casual. Heya Jen! Listen, do you get the assignment Dr. whomever assigned?! I'm like way confused?!?! Can ya help a sister out?? Thanks! ;cP...
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