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CheckPoint- ModernChallengesinImmigration

CheckPoint- ModernChallengesinImmigration - for example one...

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I don’t think the US government policy should favor certain kinds of immigrants over another. That would be unfair, people should have an equal opportunity to gain acceptance into the country. And what does, “certain kinds” really mean exactly anyway? This country was built on diversity and freedom of religion; choosing favorites in this kind of way would go against everything this country stands for. Not to mention, what is that “certain kind”, and who would be the one to decide what that “certain kind” of immigrant was? How could there be a fair way of ever saying one kind of immigrant is more worthy than another? Citizenship should be given to applicants in the form of a lottery. Not one need or desire is more valuable or worthy than another. The decision of who is more deserving should not fall on people to make by conscious choice; who are we to judge one’s worth? Take
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Unformatted text preview: for example one applicant may be a brilliant scientist and another a street cleaner. At a glance one might think the scientist a better applicant, however it may be the scientist who is a psychopath and the street cleaner who goes on to receive their education and be the one to cure cancer. The only fair option is to choose applicants by their ability to apply and in a lottery after that. Again, I don’t think applicants from certain countries should be given priority. As much as I’d like to say a pregnant woman from an impoverished and politically corrupt country should have priority over a single person from a country with out significant challenges; that would be unfair, everyone deserves an equal and fair chance....
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