UGC112 - Final Study Guide

UGC112 - Final Study Guide - What to consider when studying...

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What to consider when studying for the final exam For the essay: What was the Century of Revolutions ? Think of as many of the revolutions (not just political revolutions) that occurred during this century as you can. How did these revolutions affect everything that happened in the 20 th century (on a broad scale, why would the major events of the 20 th century not have happened the way they did without these revolutions?)? Look back at the lectures from 3/17 through 3/24. When was World War I? How did it start? How did it end? Why did it start? Is there an identifiable treaty that was signed following the war, and, if so, what is the name of the treaty? Who were the Allied powers and who were the Central Powers? What were the major battles/battlegrounds? Who won? What negotiations were made following the war? What new weapons/vehicles were used during this war? How did the revolutions of the 19 th century affect how the war played out? Who were the leaders of the countries involved in the war? What was Wilson’s “14 Points” speech and what sorts of ideas were enumerated in the speech? What wa s “unrestricted submarine warfare”? What caused particular countries to get involved in the war, either officially or unofficially?
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UGC112 - Final Study Guide - What to consider when studying...

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