APY107 - Syllabus Summer

APY107 - Syllabus Summer -...

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  APY 107 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Summer Session M, 2009 Classrooms: Instructor: Monique Fortunato, Ph.D. E-mail: monique29@gmail.com Office: 158 Spaulding Office hours: Thursday 5:30 – 6:15 or by appointment Textbook: Jurmain R, Kilgore L. & Trevathan W. 2009. Essentials of Physical Anthropology , 7 th edition. Wadsworth. Supplementary readings will also be provided. Description: This is a course about the natural history of humankind, with a general focus on the major concepts underlying the evolution of the human species. The topics we will cover include: heredity and genetics, macroevolution, the non-human primates, hominid and human evolution, modern human adaptation and variation, paleopathology, and forensic anthropology. Physical anthropology is a vast and varied discipline, but it is unified under the wide umbrella of evolution. It is my goal to get you thinking and talking about many of the issues that physical
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APY107 - Syllabus Summer -...

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