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PROBLEM STATEMENT MATRIX PROJECT: Phase One: Task One PROJECT MANAGER: Jahangir Karimi CREATED BY: Garth Davenport LAST UPDATED BY: Garth Davenport DATE CREATED: 09/05/2010 DATE LAST UPDATED: 09/1502010 Brief Statements of Problem, Opportunity, or Directive Urgency Visibility Annual Benefits Priority or Rank Proposed Solution 1. Employee Contact Directory always out of date 6 months High $27,000 3 New Development
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Eliminate 5 HR Administrative Positions 6 months Low $15000 6 New Development 3. Unacceptable Lag times 6 months Medium $50,000 2 New Development 4. Redundant employee data entry points 6 months Low $100,000 4 New Development 5. Increased United Way donations 6 months High Good will 5 New Development 6. Manual Changes 6 months Low $172,500 1 New Development 7....
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