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PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIX Project: Phase One: Task One: ESSS Project Manager: Jahangir Karimi Created by: Garth Davenport Last Updated by: Garth Davenport Date Created: 9/23/2010 Date Last Updated: 9/23/2010 CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT OBJECTIVES Problem or Opportunity Causes and Effects System Objective System Constraint 1. Employee data redundantly input and stored in various obsolete loca- tions on micro and mainframe sys- tems. 1. HR costs and effort associated with processing employee information and changes are excessively high. 2. Redundantly stored data is incon- stant in different files or databases. 3. Data is not flexible. 4. Effort required for data manipula- tion is excessive. 5. Data can not be easily accessed by management or employees. 6. Data is not captured in a timely manner and is always changing 7. Stakeholders unable to promptly and accurately locate employees for company mailings, payroll and other. 8.
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problems+opportunities+objectives+constraints_matrix -...

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