SKS7000 Syllabus Apr 2010

SKS7000 Syllabus Apr 2010 - SKS7000 Doctoral Comprehensive...

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Unformatted text preview: SKS7000 Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies (3 credits) Syllabus Effective Date: 1/11/2010 Course Description: Learners will describe, discuss, analyze, and apply knowledge in 12 business topical areas necessary to address a wide variety of business related situations. The course focuses on demonstrating core proficiencies at the bachelors level in the following business areas: Marketing, Business Finance, Accounting, Management, Legal Environment of Business, Economics, Business Ethics, Global Dimensions of Business, Information Systems, Quantitative Techniques and Statistics, Leadership, and Business Applications. The intent of this course is not to introduce these core business concepts, but rather to verify a graduate-level threshold competency within each topical business core area. The course includes a comprehensive case study that will allow the Learner to demonstrate their competency with all twelve common professional component topical areas. Number Of Activities: 13 Learning Outcomes: 1. Assess current knowledge of professional business components. 2. Analyze the steps used in the evaluation and control in the strategic management of an organization. 3. Analyze business product and service marketing strategies. 4. Analyze business management principles associated with production, operations, organizational behavior, and human resource management. 5. Analyze the global dimensions of business in relation to business expansion. 6. Analyze business ethics concepts and principles relative to business expansion and cultural diversity. 7. Describe, discuss, and analyze business finance procedures and applications. 8. Define Legal concepts that impact the firm in an economic environment. 9. Analyze the macro and micro economic factors that could directly or indirectly influence a new business venture. 10. Analyze research quantitative techniques, business statistics, and data evaluation techniques. 11. Analyze Information Systems from a business application perspective including the evaluation and selection of current technology. 12. Synthesize the business related information into a strategic plan for global business expansion. Course Concepts: 1. Current management challenges and executive decision-making strategies. 2. Contemporary human resource management and practices within an organization. 3. General global business trends and logistical systems. 4. Contemporary rules and practices in business ethics and legal compliance to help ensure ethical standards are being followed such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. 5. Executive management and integrative planning at the strategic level. 6. Strategic initiatives with a break down into tactical and operational components of the overall strategic plan involving all the key business components....
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SKS7000 Syllabus Apr 2010 - SKS7000 Doctoral Comprehensive...

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