OM7015 Syllabus - OM7015 Personnel Management and...

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Unformatted text preview: OM7015 Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior (3 credits) Course Description: The course material includes both theory and practical application of Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior. Learners will explore, research, and apply the theoretical challenges that arise when managing and leading in an organization. Topics will include best practices in: management, methods of empowerment, implementing change, conflict and negotiation, globalization, diversity, ethics, and a creating a healthy work climate. Course material also includes an introduction to APA style and formatting. Number Of Activities: 9 Learning Outcomes: 1. Apply APA formatting and style to written documents. 2. Correlate the impact of diversity management practices to employee satisfaction and morale. 3. Analyze, research, and apply organizational behavior motivational theories to employee management practices. 4. Assess personal leadership and management characteristics, styles, and preferences. 5. Research, analyze, and reflect on the impact of character and ethics in management and leadership practices. 6. Critically examine the informal vs. formal power structures in an organization, and their effect on the leadership and power practices. 7. Assess resources that explore the effectiveness of the negotiation process in solving conflict in an organization. 8. Examine and assess the five conflict management styles and the circumstances under which each is appropriate. 9. Research, analyze, and assess the mechanistic and organic structures of organizations. 10. Evaluate the success of a company through a comparative analysis that identifies specific organizational behavior frameworks. Course Concepts: 1. Organizational behavior theories 2. Personnel management, team learning, and organizational performance 3. Motivation and work performance. 4. Influence of leadership, power, politics and change on organizational performance 5. Negotiation practices 6. Human resources processes and practices 7. Organizational dynamics 8. Real-world application of organizational behavior, leadership, and management theory 9. Application of APA formatting and style guidelines Primary Resources: These resources are required to complete the course. Please make sure that you purchase the primary textbook(s) that match the syllabus you are issued. Please let your assigned Mentor know through the NCU messaging system what text(s) you have purchased. NCU cannot be responsible for Learner purchase of books that do not match assigned syllabi. Book American Psychological Association (2010) Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. 6th ed. Washington, DC: Author. ISBN: 9781433805615 You may purchase books at EdMap ....
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OM7015 Syllabus - OM7015 Personnel Management and...

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