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Sasa Devic Principles of Selling BA-352-1 Professor Allen September 3, 2010 ARTICLE REVIEW – CHAPTER 1 In this chapter we learned about basics of selling – sales profession, sales job, marketing mix, 10-step selling process and what sales firm provides. Very important terms n chapter one that we need to know are: goods, services, products, price, distribution. To sell, you also need to promote it/ tell people about is, so we need to understand what is promotion and what is under it- personal selling, advertising, public relation and sales promotion. Promotion is part of the marketing mix and promotion helps us a lot to increase sales by communicating product information and on that way potential customers will be more familiar with the product. Many people are putting selling and marketing in the same basket and selling is only one of many marketing components and in
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Unformatted text preview: my opinion, those two can not go with out each other! You need marketing to do better in sales. Taking care of your customers and have established relations with them is very important, too. There are many types of sales jobs, selling in: retail, direct sellers, for Wholesales, for Manufacturer, order takers, etc. To be professional salesperson, you need to create new customers, build long-term relationships with them and provide solutions to their problems. In professional sales it is important that good services are provided to customers and salespersons need to build Goodwill with customers and also provide company with marketing information. Selling is an art and a science....
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