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prejudice test

prejudice test - prejudice-generalized attitude toward...

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Unformatted text preview: prejudice-generalized attitude toward member of a social group generalized attds- an equal prejedice view of a group or person implicit prejudice-prejudice u may not be aware of n u cant directly report implicit assoc test-technique researchers use to indirectly asses prejudice discrimination-behavior directed toward people on the basis of their group membership sexual harrasment-unwanted behavior based on sex or gender,or unwelcome sexual attention quiquopro-attempts to exchange someting of value for sexual favors direct inst. discrimination-discrimination that has been built into legal,political etc of a culture implict racism- implied not directly expressed explicit racism-precisely/clearly expressed skapegoating-blaming others for frustrations and failures reindividuation-loss of individuality/personal indentity streotype threat-the fear that 1 might confirm negative stereotype held by others about 1s group disindetification-to reduce 1s mind the revalance of a particular domain to ones self respect...
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