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Giannina morales - moving question 4 questions for further...

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Giannina morales excersice 9 question 1 a. it seems like the pigment particles and moving slowly and are gardually becoming one with the liquid. b. No, the particle were placed in the liquid and it seems to have been dispersing. quetsion 2 a. i predict that a susbtance that has a low molecular weght will dispperese faster because it will be able to move around more freely instead of being weigh down, question 3 a. the one that will have the larger halo will be the molecule that is smaller because it will disperse faster. b. No, molecules are always in motion as long as the temperature is above absolute zero. When diffusion stops, the concentration of molecules are in equilibrium, but they are still
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Unformatted text preview: moving question 4 questions for further study a. if the particles get larger then the force of gravity becomes a factor in their movement-----the particles would still be subject to random movement but they would have a hard time being buoyed by surface tension or other factors b. Molecular motion means a molecule moves undisturbed,jjust carry on in a straight line, When a molecule diffuses, it moves, bounces off another molecule, moves again until it hits again, Diffusion is a very much slower process than molecular motion. c. . d. . e....
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Giannina morales - moving question 4 questions for further...

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