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take home test - G iannina Morales Social Psychology...

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Giannina Morales Social Psychology 11/23/09 1. Describe three factors that affect the desire for social approval. Give an example of how these factors might lead a person to change an important attitude, belief or behavior. Knowledge- the more a person knows about something the more likely it is that thir attitude and actions will be consistent with one another.example, if yo know alot about a perfume the more the greater the chance will be that your view of the perfume will predict if you like it or not. especially if some one that you liked gave you compliment or told you it smelled bad, Personall Revelance-a persons attitude on a topic will be a better prediction of the persons actions when it is personally revelant.example if they were to raise the age of getting a permit from 17 to 19 everyone under the age of 19 would protest because it will directly affect them. attitude acessibility- an attitude that is easy to remember will likely influence your actions. subjective norms-a person’s perception that important others will apporve or disapporove of
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take home test - G iannina Morales Social Psychology...

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