lab 13 - passes through allowing us to see it The other...

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Giannina Morales bio lab lab 13 Question 1 -the plant extract is green because it contains chlrophyll Question 2 a. Short distance traveled because little attraction of the moving molecules. b. c. d. No. The Rf value is the ratio of the distance moved by the spot on the chromatography per to the distance moved by the solvent .Both distances are measured from the baseline on which the samples are spotted.Clearly, for an Rf value greater than 1, the sample would have to move ahead of the solvent front. question 3 question 4 Green light is the least useful to photosynthesis. The best evidence for this is that most plants appear green under white light. The green light is either reflected from the plant or
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Unformatted text preview: passes through, allowing us to see it. The other colors present in the white light are absorbed. question 5 greenish black procedure 13.3 told to be skipped question7 a. it turns yellow b. beacause of the excess carbonic acid c. . question 8 a. yes because it was exposed to photosynthesis b. yes because they are exposed to light directly . roots aborb water and leaves store excess atp and starch question 9 In darkness, any starch in a leaf is converted to sugar the leafdoes not produce starch and in darkness the sugar level drops only as fast as it is metabolized in respiration. question 10...
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lab 13 - passes through allowing us to see it The other...

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