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appeal to force - FALLACIES OF REVELANCE appeal to force...

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FALLACIES OF REVELANCE appeal to force- threat appeal to pity- want to instill pity appeal to people(direct)-arouses mobs mentallitry indirect-appeal to readers/listeners desire appeal to force -uses desire to get reader to agree bandwagon idea that you will be left behind appeal to vanity –associates product to some1 admired “you can be like” appeal to snoberry” something is not for everyonee arguments against the person abusive-verbally abuses other arguer ad hominem 2 nd person verbally abuses 1 st person circumstantial- discredits opp. argument tu quoque –atempts to make other person hypocritical u did it y cant i accident -a rule is applied to a case it was not intended to cover. straw man-arguer distort opponents arument to easily attacking. then concludes arguemnt has been demolishes missing the point-premises support conclusion red herring arguer diverts the attention by changing subject FALLACIES OF WEAK INDUCTION appeal to unqualified authority- auth is not trust worthy
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