logic essay - Giannina Morales Effective Reasoning Nobel...

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Giannina Morales Effective Reasoning 10/28/09 Nobel Peace prize is a very prestigious award and it was recently awarded to President Obama. Some are saying that he hasnt done anything to deserve the prize and that he hasnt been in office long enough to judge him on his work. other s are calling him arrogant and aloof because he supposeldy knew that he didnt deserve the award but he still accepted it . Who better than Obama to give the award to. He is intelligent , an eloquent speaker, and seems to be an honest perosn that is trying to fiox so much of what was left of this country.After Former Presiodent Bush , Obama seems like a breath of fresh air, i dont see what all the fuss is about . he desrved the prize so he got awarded it . i beloive that the nobel prize commitee does their research and are not going to pick someone out of nowhere to give them the prize. President Obama the honor of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As he stated, not for himself but for the country. The US made a huge move toward peace when it started to reject the Bush management style that started an unnecessary war in Iraq, to benefit the oil Companies while sacrificing the lives of our service officials. This prize is a statement from the European community saying that their views of us has changed. For the first time in years we may have improved our international status and ability to attract allies. The only bad thing that I've seen so
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logic essay - Giannina Morales Effective Reasoning Nobel...

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