puzzle logic - his neighbor who makes exactly 3 times his...

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Giannina Morales Effective Reasoning 10/19/09 On a train the crew consist of the fireman, brakeman, and the engineer.the names listed alphabetically , are jones,robinson and smith. On the train are three passengers who have the same names: a Mr. Smith, a Mr. Robinson, and a Mr. Jones. 1. Mr. Robinson lives in Detroit. 2. The brakeman lives exactly halfway between Detroit and Chicago 3. Mr. Jones earns exactly $40,000 per year. 4. The brakeman's nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman. 5. Smith once beat the fireman in billiards. 6. The passenger whose name is the same as the brakeman's lives in Chicago. who is the engineer? Solution: We know the brakeman has the same name as the passenger who lives in Chicago. We know that it cannot be Mr. Robinson. We know the brakeman lives in neither Detroit or chicago and one of the passengers is
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Unformatted text preview: his neighbor, who makes exactly 3 times his pay. • The brakeman doesn’t live in Detroitand that his nearest neighbor is a passenger .So that passenger can’t be Mr. Robinson, who lives in Detroit . • The brakeman’s nearest neighbor also can’t be Mr. Jones because Mr. Jones earns $40,000 yearly which is not evenly divisible by 3. • Thus, if the brakeman’s nearest neighbor is not Mr. Jones and not Mr. Robinson, it must be Mr. Smith. • Now, if Mr. Robinson lives in Detroit and Mr. Smith lives halfway between Chicago and Detroit then the third passenger, Mr. Jones, must be the one that has the sme name as the brakeman and thus lives in Chicago. • That means that the brakeman’s name is Jones. And if Smith is not the fireman because he beat him at billiards then by elimination Smith must be the engineer....
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puzzle logic - his neighbor who makes exactly 3 times his...

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