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logic american

logic american - was such a chnage that we were at a point...

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Giannina Morales Effective reasoning 9/30/09 what is an american? by definition of the a book an american is a person native or inhabitant of the United States . many people quarrel and mistreat others becuase of this simple question, what defines an american?. you can ask people and answers will vary and debates will arise. but if we base this on the book definiton the only americans of this country are the native americans that were kicked out of their lands. everyone else is an immigrant. The word defines it. Native is belonging to or being connected with a certain place or region by virtue of birth or origin. So a native american will be the only true american. but people today dont see it that way . people discriminate against people that come to this country and use the word immigrant as a deragatory form . when in fact everyone in this country except for native americans are immigrants. the laws have changed people’s mind has also changed. it
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Unformatted text preview: was such a chnage that we were at a point where that people thought other people were properties . people who held themselves at a higher supremacy that was only in their mind made up rules and regulations about how people were to be treated and what were laws about how an america was going to be run, i believe that other than the native americans there are no true americans. the idea of what an american is has evolved so much, we have so many opinions and disaggrements about what it is that there is no such thing.i do believe that there is nothing wrong in calling ourselves american because we do live here but we are not 100% pure american. some Naturalization is the process that a person after birth that is not a citizen is made a citizen of the United States of America....
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logic american - was such a chnage that we were at a point...

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