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bio lab - question 5 snail will respire more than elodea...

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bio lab 10/14/09 question 1 we breath to fuel our organs we need it to fuel our cells and to make atp which is our source of energy. oxgygen helps us get rid of CO 2 . it fuels everything in our body from blood to brain , cells etc. Questions 2 aerobic is oxygen requires and for anaerobic fermantion no oxygen is required question 3 A.the purpose of tube 7 was to use it as a control so that we could see the differencde that all the different compound made. b.inhintor = NAF c. glucose ,na puryvate d. e.tube 4 didnt have enough NAF to produce could not produce some tubes had enough CO 2 NAF so it could produce CO 2 f.no it didnt promote respiration g. yeast h.they are used in baking and producing alchoholic beverages Question 4 a.too see how the different temperature affects the aerobic respiration b. form outside to inside. c.it consumes oxygen in respiration to reduce in water that why the bubble is moving inside d. the higher the temp is oxygen comsumption needs to do more work to produce it
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Unformatted text preview: question 5 snail will respire more than elodea producing more co2 question 6 a. we need something to compare the other beakers so we needed to make sure the beaker was free of algea then our resulgs would show variation between no algae and algae. b. c.snials respire more than elodea d all living organisms need to intake oxygen + exhale carbon dioxide out e.only snails and elodea because each animal are in diffrentr categiory and havedifferent capacity to consume CO 2 f.take a plant andanimal that can be found on land repeats the steps of the experiment to see the difference g. Questions for further study. 1. resperation is the chemistry that produces atp energy and fuels our organs breathing is the exhalation of co2 and inhale of oxygen. 2. c 3. the energy stored in chemical bonds are used later as direct source of energy for cellular metabolism...
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