Ad analy - Giannina Morales 106 A 15 Caruso October 2, 2008...

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Giannina Morales 106 A 15 Caruso October 2, 2008 Ad Analysis Ads are everywhere. They are on all types of things it doesn’t matter what you do you will see an ad. They are on food that we buy on the bus on billboards every day we are just bombarded with advertisements. They are created with the intent of making people covet what they see. Hidden messages, attention grabbing pictures and expressive phrases are just a part of what it takes to make an ad. This ad that I and analyzing is for jewelry, especially engagement rings. It persuades readers into wanting to indulge in luxury. This ad tries to sell a diamond by playing the idea of what every reader that reads this magazine want which is quality, luxury because even if you can’t afford it you feel that you want it. Cartier, what this ad is for, is all about luxury and the finer things in life. It s about top notch, high end jewelry. It is for the number one luxury jeweler in the world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case this picture is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Luxury, elegance, money, quality are just a few things that this picture is selling us. Obviously everybody wants to have rich and expensive jewelry but reality is the majority of people cannot a afford everything they desire. This ad is intended especially for people that are in the works of getting engaged but the ad also send subliminal messages that their jewelry is the best and their
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Ad analy - Giannina Morales 106 A 15 Caruso October 2, 2008...

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